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DeutschEnglish Check availability Vehicles registered in Germany after January 2nd, 2015 can be deregistered online. Check whether you can deregister the vehicle online from the registration district in which it was registered. Check availability for your city or district Please use the search function above

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DeutschEnglish Deregister your vehicle online for EUR 17.99 Step 1: Check license plate barcode Barcode on the country seal Important note: Does your license plate not have a QR code? Then please do not expose anything and deregister the vehicle directly at the registration office. Step 2: Check vehicle registration Variant 1: The adhesive strip says "freirubbeln". Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1 Variant 2: The adhesive strip says "Abdeckung entfernen" With this variant, the security code from the vehicle registration document becomes visible by removing the green adhesive strip. Security code…

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