Deregister your vehicle online for EUR 17.99

Step 1: Check license plate barcode

QR-Code on the license plate
QR-Code on the country seal

Important note: Does your license plate not have a QR code? Then please do not expose anything and deregister the vehicle directly at the registration office.

Step 2: Check vehicle registration

Variant 1: The adhesive strip says “freirubbeln“.

Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1

Variant 2: The adhesive strip says “Abdeckung entfernen”

With this variant, the security code from the vehicle registration document becomes visible by removing the green adhesive strip.

Sicherheitscode zum Abziehen - Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1
Security code to withdraw

Step 3: Watch video tutorial

Please watch the instruction video till the end.

Step 4: Deregister the vehicle online

When the required security codes are exposed, you can request the deregistration.

  • Orders received by 9 p.m. will still be processed today.
  • You can pay immediately or later by bank transfer.
  • The deregistration notification will be sent to you today as a PDF file by email.